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paradise by paradise

5.0 out of 5 stars Extraordinary, Perplexing, Psychotic, Inexplicable, Unusual, Intellectual....Paradise By Paradise.... Don't Miss This Story....., July 13, 2009

Author Howard Burman has penned an extraordinarily perplexing novel. Paradise by Paradise is a tale of a man with a brilliant mind, almost to a fault. He was an academic, but also psychotic; a teacher, a writer, a prodigy. His mind was a cryptic puzzle, and his life an inexplicable mystery. His writings full of lies, and tales, much like his own life.

What happened to Roland Paradise? Was it suicide? Or murder? Is he really gone? This is his tale as told by his friends, colleagues, and Paradise himself. Quotes from major sources and minor innuendos fill the pages of this unusual tale.

It is a great read for those willing to accept the unacceptable, willing to understand the abnormal, those longing for intellectual stimulation. Although the book may not be for everybody, it is definitely a great read.

This is type of book that comes before those great Academy Oscar wins. Well-written, well-told, the author has either done his homework or maybe his mind works in much the same way as Paradise's. Either way, good job, Mr. Burman, we look forward to more great works.