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Zany Games: America at the 1900 Olympics 

They were at once exciting,  influential, and downright zany.



The Secret Game

The great all-star game of 1909.


When seven nuns are found hanged in a remote cloister suspicion lands on a self-proclaimed serial killer.

You Shoot Me Now

In 1897 in the Indian Territory (now the state of Oklahoma) the young Choctaw Indian in convicted of murder and is sentenced to be executed, but he is allowed to go free and play baseball for his team if he will promise to return after the final game to be shot. He agrees.

His story garners great national interest and is reported by newspapers across the country. Questions abound. Will he honor his promise and agree to be executed? Should he? If he does, is he a hero or a fool? At the last minute will he run off? Is the Choctaw sense of honor stronger than that of others? Is the greater sin preferring life to honor and for the sake of living to lose what makes life worth having?

Season of Ghosts: The '86 Mets and the Red Sox.

One of the greatest seasons baseball has ever known.

To Hate Like This Is To Love Forever

What if you had a chance to select and manage a team of the greatest Dodger players from throughout history against a team of the greatest Giants? Lukas has that chance and it will change him forever. “What matters isn’t if something is real. What matters is if it is true.”

The Secret of the Sad Red Door

When Maria and her family moved to an old house in Italy she found the most amazing thing behind a secret red door and it changed how she looked at the world forever.

You Can't Win: One Woman's Struggle With the Casinos

You Can’t Win is the true story of one woman’s courageous battle with a
debilitating addiction and the forces that wanted to keep her dependent
on gambling.

Born of a desperate need to please her mother and to escape an abusive
father and brother, she becomes addicted fi rst to Bingo and then to slot
machines. She slowly slips into a life of lies, self-deception, and despair
and fi nds herself on the verge of losing everything, including her family
and ultimately her life.

When she attempts to pull herself out of the spiral of depression and
defeat, she is beaten back through a blatant disregard of the law by the
powerful Detroit casinos. She comes to learn that the infl uence of casino
profi ts on the political system is overwhelming and that the economic
interests of the state far outweigh the social costs.

In the end, she can’twin on the slots, but with the love and support of her husband, she can put a broken life back together

Gentlemen At The Bat: A Fictional Oral History of the New York Knickerbockers and the Early Days of Base Ball

Nobody in the long history of baseball was more influential than the gentlemen of the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club. Formed in 1845, they wrote the rules, established the code of sportsmanship that defined the game in the early days, and led the way to baseball’s becoming our national pastime.

A Man Called Shoeless

Written in the style of an oral history as told by those involved, the book relates the life story of Joe Jackson, one of the most controversial, enigmatic, and interesting characters in American popular culture.

Paradise by Paradise

His mind was a cryptish place, an enigma, a harmless cipher machine knocked senseless by the insane attempts of others to decode it as if it held an inherent truth driving him to another time, to anytime.

Willie, Mickey & The Duke

There was, there is a game called stickball, a game of steamy summer days played by city kids on city streets.

Step into the street. You are who you want to be.

The best athletes are Willie, Mickey, or the Duke. No last names needed.

A Story Told By Two Liars

The two liars: Roger Kidd, eminent musicologist, respected teacher, devoted father; and the mysterious Lapouge, enigmatic idealist, committed activist, brilliant leader. Both are at once the hunters and the hunted in this story of mystery and deceit where little is what it appears and no one is quite who they say.


This cowardly little state said Göring of Switzerland, will become part of the Third Reich by choice or force.

The only hope for the Swiss is to learn the date for the invasion and then shift most of the Swiss Army to the Alps, leaving the main cities at the mercy of the Panzers.